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Our Service Compared to Others

All forms of business-related litigation, but especially employment matters, are too sensitive to be handled by inexperienced lawyers who do not understand how a “minor” tactical mistake could cost a client many thousands of dollars in settling a case, or worse, affect the results of a trial.  Nevertheless, at most large firms, inexperienced associates (with hefty billable hour requirements) control the critical details at the heart of a matter. Large firms and their clients simply cannot afford to have senior level partners too involved in the day-to-day details of a case. That is an unfortunate – and expensive – reality. At Seyferth Blumenthal & Harris, we do not worry about whether a particular task is best suited for a junior associate, senior associate, or junior partner. We don’t believe our clients should pay for our lawyers’ “on the job” training.

At SBH, experienced lawyers handle every task on every matter. And SBH’s clients receive this service with the promptness, efficiency, and personal touch that too often is lacking in the legal profession. The end result of this philosophy is simple: SBH’s clients receive better service and better results and pay less along the way.

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